1_Zimpel Angle with lights on from southwest.jpg
1_Angle from Northwest-no lights1.jpg
2_Zimpel Angle Unhooking fish for Participant.jpg
Mint plants.jpg
Leaving CCC Kids pushing Angle.jpg
Walk There Angle.jpg
Angle Riverside.jpg
Angle River Franck.jpg
3_Zimpel Angle Participant releasing catch in Chicago River.jpg
Return from River with 2 fish Angle.jpg
Chef cooking fillets from caught Bluegill ANGLE.jpg
Jose at SouthWaterKitchen ANGLE.jpg
2 Blugill and SWK's Lake Trout Angle.jpg
Ally and Jessica ANGLE Small paltes are their 2 fish.jpg
Bluegill and Lake Trout ANGLE.jpg
everyone eating Angle.jpg
Angle from northwest with lady no lights.jpg
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